Best for Companies

Polyglot Pro is the choice for companies looking to improve practical business language skills. Participants improve grammar, learn key vocabulary and functional language through daily work themes and situations

Best for Private Learners

Polyglot Pro offers group and 1-1 lessons at our Kronprinzenstraße location. Courses are run using a full communicative approach. Participants are guided through grammar,key vocabulary, and functional language geared towards communicating effectively and confidently. We currently offer courses for over 15 languages - including coding/programming courses

Learn Anywhere (Coming Soon)

Polyglot Pro will launch a range of online courses for participants all over the world. Learn languages, key business skills, programming, and more, in your own time and at your own pace. Participants will have access to videos, pdfs, exercises, and join a budding community of enthusiastic learners and trainers.

Welcome to Polyglot Pro

Polyglot Pro is a language school for businesses, young professionals, and teens based in the heart of Düsseldorf. We offer clients language lessons in over 14 languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and many more. Led by Peter McKeever and embracing an immersive communicative learning approach, students learn not only how to use language, but how to do so with confidence.

What we Offer

What we Offer

Expert Instructors

With our team of experts and professionals, we guarantee the best lessons and courses

Communicative Learning Methods

Courses are tailored to learner interests and needs. Workbooks are left for homework. Participants time in the classroom maximises spoken interaction time to maximise learning of grammar, vocabulary, and key skills to live and work in a second language

Modern Learning Materials

Up to date materials and tools whether you are learning in person, or online (coming soon).

Take your language learning into the future with Polyglot Pro.

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4 Steps To Successful Learning

4 Steps To Successful Learning
Sign up with Polyglot Pro

Choose one or more of our range of courses. With expert guidance our trainers and staff will support you and your learning process.

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Attend regularly

Joining a course is one thing. Learning is something entirely different. Take every opportunity you can get to attend classes and gain insights that can only be attained face to face. Clear up any difficulties or questions you have immediately and be sure that the feedback and answers you receive are accurate

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Make your self-study more efficient

It's important to take what you learn in the classroom and review it regularly. When it comes to maximising learning, less is always more. It is far more effective to study for 30 minutes five days per week than to study for 3 hours one day per week. The key point to remember is don't overdo it. In any self-study session, students should limit their focus to one grammar point, one lexical subset, and one area of functional language.

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Use what you've learned

Reading a book on driving or ballet will not make you an expert F1 driver or dancer.Language, like driving and dancing, is a skill. The most effective way to improve is practice practice practice.

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