Our Mission

Polyglot Pro was founded by Peter McKeever and Benjamin Bürger (Polyglot Kids) as way to bring our teaching methodology and philosophy to businesses, professionals, and students.

Working with a fully immersive programme, we utilise a full communicative approach, leaving the textbook for homework. The founders and our team strongly feel that language is a mode of expression and the key component of communication. All of our trainers focus lessons around promoting the four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and tie it together with a practical, functional aspect which our students can use from day one. That may be visiting the doctor, ordering in a restaurant, making business phone calls, or chairing a meeting for an international corporation.

Working strictly with native speakers, our clients are encouraged to push the boundaries and build confidence in their skills, while being provided with detailed feedback on their progress along the way.

Meet Our Team


Benjamin Bürger

Founder, Polyglot Kids
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Peter McKeever

Director of Studies